Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Marasmus and Photography.

At work. With all the prime-time indulgence websites having been blocked, i googled up my all time favourite National Geographic Photography Contest. The entries sumbitting time is long over. Sadly so. But then its just an observation i made while voting in for the top thirty photos. Poverty appeals much more than affluence. Is it planned? Is a malnourished dying Ethiopian essentially a better (read Winnable!) subject than a pot-bellied marwadi. I was falling for the trap, i was planning how i would click such 'appealing' pics and ensure that my computer doesn't crash enxt time!
Its weird. Poverty never ceases, but people win just from depiction of the status quo!


Lesser child of a changeling god said...

to make my view on it as plain as possible, poverty 'appeals' for two reasons:
a) grass is more interesting (if not greener) on the otherside
b) morbid curiosity/ voyerism

Sonali Rath said...

good hai re...very nice observation...i think the movie now in news has a very true title...slum dog millionaire...but in reality...its the millionaire adding on to there no's