Saturday, December 13, 2008

How many lives have you saved/taken?

I have enough unread mails in my mailbox to take part in some contest for the same. Part of it is indolence. The other part, is the fear of facing a mail which requires you to forward it to a certain number of people, if i wanted, for example:
1. A bright love life or
2. Lot of money within the next 24 Hrs (sum usually mentioned)
or if i wanted to avoid,
1. Extreme bad-luck for ages or
2. the death of someone which is almost certain unless i forward the mail to all those on my address list to contribute in the mail-chain-money-pool-in drive.
The first three rather being pleasantly and futuristically speculative (money and true love) or hypothetically intagible (Bad luck), its the forwards under the fourth heading which botehr me the most. I have certain issues with this.
Some say its spam, some say even if it is, are u heartless enough to give in to someone's death just cause you are reluctant to click a few times? I don't know. I feel tormented when i see babies with feeding tubes in their oral and nasal opening. Really. But i still am not inclined to forward them. Almost never. Why but? I do not know. May be too fake to be true. Just to think how many times one recieves mails saying that a certain person has been saved owing to the money raised by yahoo/gmail forwards! Something strangely fishy and sympathetically-unevoking is there about such mails, but nevertheless, as soon as i click on 'delete mail' or 'return to inbox', a little something in me dies thinking of a white ghost whispering 'i died because you never forwarded that mail to your friends.'


Roopa said...

I never have a prick of conscience when I delete them promptly from my inbox. I have made a committment to myself that no chain mails will leave my mailbox and will not be retained there either. Nothing will ever go wrong by deleting a chain mail, don't worry about that :)

swetali said...

Ha. Thanks. Ur voice, if not completely drowns, but reduces to a great extent the sound of the whisper :)

Thanks for visiting :D

Sonali Rath said...

well i don't no if anything wrong would be happening of my not forwarding such mails ...but truly..i do curse the sender for forwarding it to me...don't know what the sender earns...blessings as per the terms and condition of the mails or my curses .