Saturday, October 3, 2009

It is that way.

Lucy. Like getting tired of the treacle toffees. But you can always stop and begin again.

Myself. That is what the Romans did. They used to eat enormous meals, and when they couldn't eat any more, they took something to make them sick. Then, when they were empty, they began to eat again. But I don't call that being civilized. Do you?

Lucy. No, I don't.

Myself. After all, pigs do that, although they haven't the sense to be sick afterwards.

Lucy. And pigs are not at all civilized.

~ From A Dialogue on Civilization, By C E M Joad.

I feel today like those over-eaten treacle toffees, Roman food and Pig-feed.
Over-eaten, abstained from/repulsed with, good to be eaten again.

Says much about me. Says much about the Romans and Pigs. Says much about eternalness of worth.


sangram said...

Lovely ! thats the first thing that came to my mind.

Nita said...

Hi Swetali,can you please send the whole thing "A Dialogue on Civilization" by C.E.M Joad to me? Because I am teacher, I am in need of these dialogues. Can you please send me them at this email id?