Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Early Morning Indulgences.

Rain drops in my tea.
Maroon umbrella yet dry.
Periodic motions of the slinging camera.
Humming a song I go by.
Stack of daily newspapers,
I pull out the lucky one.
Still tells me about the blasts.
Leaving me more waiting for the sun.
But world is still good,
And so are its men.
This however is not something,
I had intended to pen.
The faint smile of a rainy morning
Seldom fades with the day
The worldly woes i sip with tea
I so merry so gay!


aditya said...

ur a exotic poet.....ur poetry defined the visiuals......i could imagine and read simultaneously.....a masterpeice

swetali said...

Aditya, u r being too good to me, not that i mind.....Thank You:)(with a bow)!