Thursday, August 7, 2008

Now this too is a Rights Based Approach, Really!

Can a moment of weakness justify an act/acts otherwise in private understanding between two people as unpardonable?
If yes, then should not doing of your 'unpardonable' act in fact become a right as soon as the other individual gives in to weakness?
Or now will you resort to the defence of subjectivity of weakness?

I detest the plea of weakness. Completely.
God has made woman strong enough and if one uses the pronoun He for God, conceding He is a male entity, it is obvious and in fact a deductive logic that he would make like pronoun holders at least as strong as the women, if not stronger.
So plea of weakness, momentary or otherwise for doing nething, ANYTHING does not hold good.
And if you have gone weak and expect others to understand, the only thing you deserve is the other one going weak.

I don't know/care how much of it makes sense, but as i write i have in my mind a definite Man, Woman and corresponding weaknesses.
And it shall be of use to know that I m currently at the verge of decision making: whether or not to excercise my right- the weakness fortified in to right!

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