Thursday, September 11, 2008

Forging Connections. Thanking Connectors.


Rather weird.
Surviving with the entire horizontal expansion of the widest possible India between yourselves, subjection to similar pain also brings in a sense of connectedness.
This is with special reference to the newly changed mess contractor. Who incidentally is the one serving him at the other end of India.

So i grow closer to him, each time i crib: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Thank You Foodking.
Now i realize how the bond amongst the soldiers all lined up at the war front, each subject to similar fear (pain in this case) feels

PS: i cudn't get where to title my photo, but i reckon you get the link, Foodking, Crown Burger. Just a symbolic thing, as i felt putting up Foodking logo could have made this blog may be more sueable! Or could it not have? Watever...

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