Thursday, June 19, 2008

And They Made a Jhola out of Earthquake, Tsunami and everything alike!

(I'm angry and filled with disgust as I'm writing this! and this is in reference and a reply to another fellow blogger on some 'humanistic' blogsite. Not naming U, but i hope u read this!)

Mr. Williams, who was my Principal at school, often said:

"Don't let ur left hand know what good ur right hand did"
Can't say about people who are ambidextrous or right handed!
Can't say if he said this originally or quoted this.

But the point is not to be lost this way.

There was a time, when opulence was a thing of pride. Braggings conditional on the car which dropped one at school. That phase having been passed, Levis, Pepe and Ray Ban preoccupied minds and bodies. And then the phase of umblical cord feeding: staying away from home and efforts at making fashion statement with the 'Janpath' stuff. The Jhola Style-which continues long after the umblical cord is snapped.

Cool. Not a problem. Ur life. Ur money or ur parents' which U will inherit once they die or may be not. Seriously, i Don't Care.

But can u keep ur urge to be 'different, hep and saintly' limited to acquiring stuff and accessories and not people.
I detest people who do a job coz it sounds good.

Particularly, the pseudo-concernists.
Who can't stop talking about their road cleaning drive, how they fed a dying baby, how they un-burried from rubble children, how they were there when 'that' happened and how a they deserved and received too a million thanks.

Social Blog. What I did. How i m angelic.
Its great to let the people know that something that deserves concern, thought and human compassion. But then why should it be interrupted by so many I's!

Jug Suraiyya (I guess I'm correct, pls correct me in case I'm erring!) who writes Jugular Vein for Sunday Editorial (TOI) since a particular Sunday quit writing capital I's when he referred to himself, which i guess is so much worthy of appreciation.

There are better ways to draw attention than pictures clicked right when ur writing on the blackboard at the 'shiksha' abhiyan.
Agree or do not but it has become a fashion statement.
"I work for the society's upliftment (and I uplift myself, my social status)"
And The Jhola lifestyle then encompasses a zillion of such small 'positive social activities'.

One can say whats the problem, let her carry Jhola, let her feel gladdened that she is making a fashion statement but as long as she is doing some good to the world around her, its for good. But then if style statement requires her to do any other activity more 'stylier' she might quit her 'social activities'

When i made my shift from jeans and short tops to kurtis and bindi (primarily coz of the flab accumulation) and had just started pursuing my law course at around the same time, the most asked question to me remained if i wanted to be a social activist! And trust me i don't want to be one. As of now, NO.
Firstly, I don't need to be a social activist to disburse my share of social responsibility.
Secondly, just because I dress in a certain way does not mean I want to do certain things. Vice versa also holds good.
Thridly, I have had my share of NGO experience and trust me I have seen gross things. But i have scarcely talked about them. It hurts to make someone corpse ur stepping stone to acclaim and WOWs (An obvious but heartfelt exagerration!)

I m not an angel, not God's messenger, here to preach. But if it does not appeal to U that this indeed is happening then I m feeling sorry for U.

People respect other's peoplehood!

"Let not ur left hand know what good ur right hand does."

Really, let it not!

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this must be appreciated.
mind blogging.
i wud hv loved to name people here if i wer u bt den i knw its irrational. dis is so touching.
for once mr williams has influenced me thru u.