Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blood is thicker than water, but not semen!

My post it seems is bordering obscenity?
But trust me, this is a humble thought penned metaphorically!

Family comes first. Brothers might fight, but at the end of the day they are brothers. Sisters fight too.
At school they ask you your father's name. Your mother's name.
Then one fine day you realize that the family you always thought as one you belonged to is now to be known as your Natal family.
This realization if not in consonance to the family, then they are even the 'natal family' tag is stripped off them.

Shifted in to a world of new relations, you realize that you have a pair of daddys, a pair of mummies and a pair of siblings! And not to forget a husband.
You marry. You change your surname.
You can afford to visit your natal family only when your kids have summer vacations.
That too for a short duration, lest the newly acquired daddy and mummy feel bad.
Where has the thickness of blood gone?

Yes yes. You were in love. Your kids have blood your blood running through their veins. Your husband. Your in-laws. You love them all, unconditionally.
Enough to forget the identity of the blood flowing in your veins?

Blood beats water in thickness, but at best can strike a tie with semen.

I m not left with any parallel comparison for the other sex. May be coz for them blood continues to be thicker than water for the entire lifetime!

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