Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two Months.

My nature of giving titles which generally are thought provoking or at least wondering-provoking makes way for an exception here.
Yes, two months. And literally two months.
I m behind life.
I am like a person who is in coma for two months and then realizes that the world around him has moved on.
Hillary quit race, Gujjars re-woke, Inflation broke records and rest on CNN IBN.
I m behind life.
I m giving time for every wound to heal, everywhere they lied.
I m behind life.
I m still galloping as the others, having won or lost, are sitting on the other side of the finishing line.
Yes, I m behind life. An ailment costed me somethings. I lagged behind, and substantially so.
But, I m alive.!.
The exclamation, camoflauged with the fullstops.
Yes, I m surprised I'm alive. And pleasantly so.
And I keep gallopping.
In the Roshez's words: Tugaduk Tugaduk Tugaduk.
And I am knowing, and accepting: Hillary's loss, Gujjar's reclaims, and Increased inflation.
Loss. Reclaim. Increase.
Waving at those on the other side of the finishing line, telling them people I'm joining you soon.
And each time I tell myself-
Quit brooding, Coz life is too short to brood for unrun races.
Well, i am as bad as a convincer to myself as bad as the solacer I am to others.

May the finishing line quit making difference.
PS: I m self-obsessed.

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u r nt self obsessed babes
its jus tht u hv to cope wid smthng tht othrs dnt
bt otherwise also dese are quite legitimate shocks
shakng u out of poetic slumber