Friday, June 20, 2008

Goa Express.

Geographical Isolation: A means by which a certain species are unable to mate with a related species or subspecies.
Na, Na not flaunting my biology knowledge.
Not a time to do that.
Touchier issues. I wish it were indeed 'touchier'

Not addressing the people who got to date and marry their preparatory school classmates, who continued being their high-school classmates, college-batchmates and work colleagues.
For them a delayed SMS reply would exemplify the situation better.
I m writing for the Kabutar Ja Ja Ja crowd.

Ha, the song had almost became the national anthem.
Symbolizing lovers, painfully staying away: geographical isolation.
Obviously Barjatya doesn't think beyond marriages and contemplation of reproduction before marriage is not something Barjatya fans look forward to!

But whats the feeling?
The rhetoric yet novel feeling?
The feeling of worthlessness
A sudden pleading to science to make spaceships more practical and affordable?
The feeling of what Priyanka says "Its Coke ki Pyaas, Sprite won't help"
Pyaas? Utterly, 'Witch-ish' and hindi filmish.
But really. When the person you are missing is so unavailable yet so impossibly substitutable?

Anyone who has had a pet would understand the exclusivity of such 'missing' so well!
You can't be content caressing any cute dog when you are missing yours.

Outrageous-Love interest n Dog?
Is it even comparable?
Well, if u have the former, you will say i did injustice to him/her. If you have the later, then you will say I should meet an animal rights activist for having made such comparison.
If u have both, then...then i guess u r just lucky!

You get it, don't you?
Staying far from someone, anyone can be so painful.

"All my bags are packed, I mready to go"
I m going to experience pain.
The kind which i reckon will hurt more than my ear piercing did, more than my broken leg did, more than Federer's fourth loss to Nadal did.

I just hope till the next generation, we have Tata bringing to India some affordable spaceship models.
Which would make dinner at Shameerpet and post-dinner stroll at Vasco a reality!

(PS: I meant in French Open, Oh yes, i know U had guessed :P)



absolute reality
i knw i didnt need to say tht
bt den i feel tht spaceships wil nevr b fastr thn d net
so dnt worry u seem to hav just the thing

ananya. said...

it's this need to hide but also say what you want.Good work.And I know it'll be appreciated by...

swetali said...

@ Aditi
Sigh. Let optimism live!

@ Blue ;)
Thanks a lot. For being patient to read it and patienter to comment.
It means something, It means cancerian attachment and emphathy!