Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brevity Only Survives.

SMS. Mo blog for Amitabh. Short movies.
Pouches. Sachets. .5 litre bottles of cold drink.
Naps. Skirts. Mails.

Laze, time constraint and short concentration span has made brevity the trend.
They say drop in a Hi- Nothing more than that?

My shift to brevity has costed me dearly.
I m always cutting long stories short- it has trimmed my imagination, made the XYZ thinking lobe of my left brain as redundant as human appendix.

But then brevity sells.
Aren't you more tempted to read a blog that is shorter?

Well if thats the cost which it entails, i barter it for higher readership.

I thence justify to myself why i choose to be brief.

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