Friday, June 20, 2008

Normal Chhe?

I wondered why man was a social animal. Is a social animal.
Couldn't he just have lived away to glory alone, keeping all that he had hunted, grown or dug to himself?

I stare at the basket ball ring. High up above there. If i make one basket I will get to marry Dravid.(I couldn't make it.)

I see a girl and a boy holding hands as they cross the road, then i see them not leaving but holding hands with intensity only stronger. If they are brothers and sisters, Hillary would be the next American President. (She is out already and i could never figure out whoever they were.)

I pick up the phone as it rings. If its Nani, then I will eat Pizza today. (It was from Eureka Forbes Aquaguard purifier.)

All these whiles. (and these are just one category of 'whiles') I wonder if I am normal.
Does everyone conditionalitizes life this badly?
Or alternatively, does everyone feel like pulling out intestines (Pardon repetition!) at sexual arousal?
Am i normal?

This search for reaffirmation in my normalcy made me a social animal. A fat social animal.
You may ask have i found people this weird?
As far as this category of weirdness is concerned, YES.
My brother confesses that each time he conditionalizes his pee: If it lasts a count of ten, then he tops the exams, count of twenty, then he gets the scholarship, count of thirty fetches him the coveted job. How well he fared, leave it.

I m normal. He is normal.

And the early man formed a society wondering if that everyone skinned deers before roasting them!
He was normal too!

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