Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Kiss on The Nose.

A chapped nosetip, condensing over it a water-drop because of the high-blowing ac and partly because of the cold (The one that is caught!)

Lips. Descriptions may be done away with.

Contact. Accidental. Nevertheless Momentous Moment.

Smile on the nose-owner's lips!

So I give three stars to Sarkar Raj: Nice romantic movie :D
Interpretation of Nose-dies!

What a day! Gleefully glad!



want to sit on a pony neighing merrily
want to go galoshing in d rain
want to hug u n say
i am too happy, coz u r

swetali said...

Kushiyan baantne se badti hain!
Yeah ?

Rajen Bali said...

Oh my Jesus Christ? :D
When did the fireworks become a part of CONTENTMENT!? :-O
Not that I mind :D
Lage raho India

swetali said...

Rajens-the bali.

Contentment as a state of mind encompasses everything from sparks to fireworks u know.
A slice of bread is contentment.
SO is a hotdog.
Just that at which end on the scale of contentment it figures.
And trust me this was ecstacy :D