Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Nidhi Malik-ish Blog.

It was in fact amusing.
Her rage (mocking) at my non-inclusion of her as a ponder-worthy subject in my blogs.

I was sigh-ish.
And indeed hurt at my indifference towards such an important person in my life who results in me at almost a daily basis plethora of pleasant thoughts!

It was rather weird how we started, with morning walks as an excuse. We only gained weight after those walks :D Happiness really was fattening.

What followed were taunts, jibes, backbitings and pangs of jealousies.
Nevertheless we are going strong.
We were/are almost Siamese twins: a fat twin a lean twin.

What is she to me, she knows it the best.
For all those who are visiting this space: She is my better half.

This is to U, Baby.
And this should make you happy.

Ahm, A personal communication to a dear friend: Cmon blog has multiple uses :D


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