Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Marry Me.

Futility of being a housewife, for all those who feel it is futile, is at times really appealing to elephants like me.

No really, the physical activity in ironing, the toning effect of sweeping under the bed, the creative satisfaction of knitting a sweater, the educative pride of teaching a toddler, the self-satisfying feel of cooking something edible.

Isn't it like a wholesome porridge of life-elements :(

I wanna settle, only if unsettling were permitted intermittently.
Is raising kids, getting a house to live in, and cooking not a big deal?
Even if it isn't. I don't care.

Only if i had Marriage Internships.
6 weeks wife.
And we thought there were ample career options available in contemporary times!

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